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For Exhibitors/Employers - REGISTRATION IS OPEN.
There is a registration fee for employer registration, contact us for more information.

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Why should you attend?

- Meet Talented clients face-to-face

- Connect more quickly with serious candidates

- Meet and outreach to full-time, contract, summer, co-op, volunteer, and part-time pool of unemployed in one location

- Showcase training, professional development and education opportunities as options to jobseekers

- Reduce your time, effort, and recruitment cost

- Meet thousands of people looking for work and career options in Mississauga, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa & more). Employers can choose one or more location and dates of choice

- Meet and outreach to full-time, contract, summer, co-op and part-time pool in one location

- Network with other employers

- Flexibility of days in Job Fair schedule

- Stay up to date with recruitment practices

Meet Candidates from these areas: administration, office, accounting, banking, collection, payroll, arts and media, biotech, pharmacy, e-commerce, education, engineering, executive, managers, supervisors, finance, government, health care, hospitality, HR, insurance, legal, marketing, production, retail, sales, science, trades, manufacturing, technology, university grads, students, many more....

Registration policy - All employers registering in Napp Canada Jobfairs

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